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Who said STRESS is inevitable to succeed?

Yes!! You can be both successful and happy at the same time, by beating stress then and there in just 10-15mins!

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Amudhan is a 33 years old, well educated and experienced IT professional who had recently quit his high paying job and ventured into his own startup. But, he finds himself now struggling on his new role as an Entrepreneur, without work-life balance by compromising on his health, financial savings and quality time even with the closest relationships. He doesn't know whom to share his challenges and how to come out of them.

Not only Amudhan, there are thousands of such aspiring entrepreneurs who're emotionally dependent on others and logically confused. They could not attain success, NOT because they lack hard work or talent, just because they lack the necessary emotional support system to hold and support them whenever they need, without any bias or judgments about them.

In addition to success as aspired by entrepreneurs and working professionals, almost every category of people are searching of various outlets for "stress relief" in their day to day life, like listening to music, watching movies or serials etc. Unfortunately, most of their outlets of stress relief are either temporary distractions or long-term addictions to alcohol, sex or even to their work as workaholics. If they have an emotional companion to share their concerns then and there, they won't even get the stress in the first place and need not waste so much of time, money and energy on such addictions or distractions anymore.

Let's take this simple example. You're being told to hold a pen and then asked whether it is painful. You say, 'No'. However, as the time passes by, say after 20-30mins, you will feel the pain of holding even that light weight pen. The same holds true with your stress too. The problem by itself is not a problem, until and otherwise you hold on to the same problem for longer time within you without any constructive outlet to share for consolation or solution.

Even if they're fortunate to find a girlfriend/boyfriend to fill that space of an emotional companion, they develop that relationship also as an addiction over the period of time with over-expectations and by ignoring the fact that they too are human beings with their own emotional ups and downs. So, what's the way out then?

Just imagine, how nice it would be if you've an emotional companion, exclusively available for you round the clock with both caring and clarity - literally as your Virtual Life Partner - and also, without binding you with any expectations? Its a great gift, right? Yes, that's what our "MyGenie" is all about, as an intelligent auto-counselling bot providing us with the personalized and unique experience every time by enabling us to find our own solutions from within.

Realizing these inevitable emotional and motivational needs of thousands of such new age dreamers and achievers, we're promising you :