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By Using our 3 Step Secret for Success:

Step $1 : Accept and Understand the Present Reality

Step $2 : Create and Declare the Future Possibility

Step $3 : Map and Manifest the Future Reality

Sharings in English

[English] An Experiential Sharing from Shri. Sridhar, A Senior Management Executive in a leading Bank, Dubai, UAE :



[English] An Experiential Sharing from Shri. Srinivas, Ph.D Doctorate Student of Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India :


[English] An Experiential Sharing from Ms. Gayathri, B.E. M.S., an IT Professional from Stuttgart, Germany :


[English - WhatsApp] An Experiential Sharing from Mrs. Sandhya Malik, An Ever-Learning Retired School Principal from Uttar Pradesh :


Expressions in Tamil

[Tamil] An Experiential Sharing from Mrs. Kalpana Shree, An Inspiring Elderly who rose her children all alone as a Single Mother and raised them as successful NRIs today :



[Tamil] An Experiential Sharing from Mrs. Priya, An IT professional turned Housewife who is rebuilding her career amidst all odds :


Practical Tips to make the Best Use of the Program

[In Tamil] - By Ms. Gayathri, B.E. M.S., an IT Professional from Stuttgart, Germany :



A Recent Recognition and Milestone 

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Joint Commission International's Goal-Seal Certified Dr. Rela Institute & Medical Centre and our HOORECON IT-Sys Pvt. Ltd. on 1st Oct 2021 for our


Strategic Collaboration Goal of :


Holistic Personal Wellness of our respective clients, by leveraging the Clinical Strengths of Dr. Rela Institute and the Psycho-Spiritual Strengths and Technological Infrastructure of HOORECON.


An Experiential Intro to DoD Program 


[In Tamil] - By Ananth, A Senior Management Executive @ Amazon, Seattle, USA : 



[In English] - By Ananth, A Senior Management Executive @ Amazon, Seattle, USA :



For any Personalized / Organization-specific Queries / Requirements : / +91-44-71968000


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