About CGA Chezhiyen - The Chief Growth Accelerator - HOORECON
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About CGA Chezhiyen - The Chief Growth Accelerator

About CGA Chezhiyen - The Chief Growth Accelerator

Dear Ones,

Greetings !

With the rich personal experience of so many life challenges for almost 3 decades since the loss of my mother at the age of 8, being secluded from all maternal bonds and ill-treated by step-mother for almost a decade, becoming a school topper in spite of inferiority complex and loneliness, emerging as one of the top ranker in college also on Computer Science & Engineering in spite of initial struggles of Non-English medium,

then starting a career at one of India's leading IT MNC after 1.5yrs of jobless struggles amidst coming out of the house by leaving all properties of both father's side and mother's side, further growing in career at a Global MNC, historically clearing all semesters at once in my post graduation on Marketing Management, then making a social contribution that can last for centuries towards an UN affiliated organization,

contrarily getting to the extremes of depression many times on repeated love failures, founding of own venture amidst all challenges with the compassion to stand behind and empower every individual on this planet, then loosing the hard earned property worth of multi-crores, unfortunate breaking of marriage relationship also with then life partner, getting entangled into multi-crore debts,

to sustaining this mission till today in spite of all odds and betrayals - only with the single pointed agenda of - Bringing down the Global Suicide Count to ZERO within 2030 by leveraging all the technologies of our generation for inner wellbeing,

I'm your Coach of Truth - Mr. Chezhiyen (pronounced as 'Seliyan') from Chennai, India for now, though I experientially claim the whole world as my native land and all beings as part of my global family.

I know, it would be an unusual introduction :) As our human minds would always want to judge between 2 extremes as success/failure, good/bad etc., it was purposefully written so without hiding any truth - for neutralizing our judging mind and also due to my assumed closeness with you while inviting you for this eternal journey of empowerment.

To accomplish this larger than life mission for the first time in the human history, while I was constantly on the look out for the rarest blend of beings with utmost Integrity, Intensity and Inclusivity, I got stumbled upon with the survival based mediocrity people only often for almost a decade.

So, I've finally decided to directly empower as many people as possible everyday, throwing all my energies and sharing all that I learnt not only from my successes - most importantly from all my failures, to identity and mold that rarest breed of selfless beings whom I call as Karma Yogis or Serving Samurais.

Thus, I've begun these series of Social Entrepreneurship initiatives that I call as Humanity Oriented Offerings, to make the Revolutionary Effect on the standard of living on our global family, from the state of higher CONsciouness - abbreviated as HOORECON.

No worries, I'm not expecting you to sacrifice your personal wellbeing for social wellbeing and pay all that hefty price I paid. As I've already made that mistake of sacrificing self too much and thus helplessly ended up at the mercy of many ordinary people who could not relate to such extraordinary mission, I definitely would not recommend such hard paths neither for myself, nor for others anymore.

Having decided to travel in the colorful and vibrant path of abundance henceforth for the same mission, I first want everyone of you around to be self sufficient and prosperous before you start serving for our society. So, I'm here to give whatever that I can, to manifest all your wishes in alignment with the collective good of our One Unified Global Family, so that you become both SUCCESSFUL & JOYFUL, first. Yes, this transformational program will assure you these 2 key benefits:

1) Spiritualistic Peace, that will come with you until your last breath

2) Materialistic Prosperity, across all areas of life

After that, if you're willing, you're most welcome to join our most privileged and yet highly demanding army of Serving Samurais. Even if you could not join us also, you'll be anyway contributing to the Peace & Prosperity of our Humanity at your individual level at least.

So, on this direction, here's the announcement of a special program towards the upcoming Valentine's Day :

Emotional Vaccination for Extraordinary Love Life - for manifesting a wonderful love life and also for attracting the holistic abundance across all areas of your life. To love and To be loved are one of the blisses of Being Alive. So, let's begin our game of self empowerment from the LOVE itself.

Whether you're going to propose your love, whether you're recovering from your past break-up, whether you're still on the look out for your soul mate or whether you're rediscovering the lost love again from your existing marital bond, you'll get whatever that is in store for your highest good and highest happiness after getting transformed in this unique program, as it blends the best of both spiritualistic peace and materialistic prosperity.

It's a 3 days of intensive transformational program of 2hrs/day LIVE session with almost 24hrs of homework, worth INR. 50,000+GST, however being offered @ Rs.5,000+GST, only for this special occasion of Valentine's Day, for enabling you to attract/understand the best partner of your life, as this one decision will determine the quality and destiny of your whole life very much.

However best that we give, as our typical human mind will keep doubting and judging, to differentiate our noble cause and unusual authenticity, we've decided to give 100% money back guarantee also, if you're not satisfied even at the end of the 3 days program. Also note, if you can join as a group of 5 or more, you'll get the discount of Rs.1000 per head.

Let me know if you are willing to know the truth without any coloring of our judging mind..👍 If yes, 

Design your Destiny, Right NOW!

[Payment Guidelines: Service Provider ID = 0, Solution ID = EV, Amount = Rs.5,900 (After deducting the 90% Discount from the Original Price of Rs.50,000 + 18% GST), Solution Type = Event]


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