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Become our Affiliate Marketing Partner under SOON (Solutions Oriented

Become our Affiliate Marketing Partner under SOON (Solutions Oriented Outlets Network)

How to leverage your high-traffic Websites, Blogs and Social Media pages & Earn decent PASSIVE income every month?

Yes, if you're having a high-traffic website, blog or social media channels like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram pages with 3000+ connections and visitors collectively, you can leverage it by displaying the short description of our eConsulting services with the option to purchase the Talk-Time from your page.

We'll be providing a customized Registration LINK for your specific web/social page so that you'll be uniquely identified and shared with Rs.10 commission for every call that is being made by every user who purchased through your platform.

The necessary basic training and backend support will be ensured by our SOON-Support team throughout your subscription period.

You can refer the LIVE implementation for one of our major client in B2B2C White-Labeling - on Personal Counseling space, Alpha Mind Power, Chennai 

A similar E-Counseling (for Personal Wellness services) or E-Consulting (for Business Consulting services) web-page in relevance to the context of your specific web-site/social media channel will be given by us with:
  • Promotional Web-page's content for quick briefing
  • 3 key links to - Buy Talk-Time, Register/Top-Up and Download App.
Join our social venture's rapidly growing network of *SOON* (Solution Oriented Outlets Network) and pave your way to FINANCIAL FORTUNE ! 
    A Case Study of Decent PASSIVE Income, on Usage:

    • Total Unique Visitors of your web-site per quarter AND Followers across ALL your Social Media Channels collectively = 3000
    • % of Creamy Visitors who finally purchases our service within a quarter, from your web/social page(s) = 33%   i.e. 1000 Users
    • Avg. calls per user per week = 1
    • 1000 users × 52 weeks (as per your subscription period) × 1 call/week x ₹10 of commission/call => ₹ 5,20,000
    If you've subscribed to our
    • Quarterly SOON pack @ Rs.999,  the average earnings will be ₹ 1,30,000
    • Half-yearly SOON pack @1599,   the average earnings will be ₹ 2,60,000
    • Yearly SOON pack @2999,          the average earnings will be ₹ 5,20,000
    Also be notified that it will not be a cake walk for every SOON (Solution Oriented Outlets Network) Partner. Its best suited for the ones who're not only COMMITTED but also TALENTED in online promotions on your own site / social page for higher number of conversions (i.e. online purchase of Talk-Time). However, No worries regarding the technical aspects, as we will also closely GUIDE you through out the subscription period.

    For any clarifications, please send your queries to  with your phone number so that we shall revert back by mail or WhatsApp call at the earliest. Alternatively, you can call to our General Customer Care +91-44-39575050 and press 8 for SOON Partnerships (through it'll primarily ask for options 1 or 2 for End Users and Experts respectively).

    We hope, you got clarified and have taken the right decision to deliver our value-added services to your visitors, connections and followers. To join our pan India network, purchase our SOON Partnership packages ONLINE here:

    Additionally, if you're offering any intellectual services already that can be extended to remote consumers over phone, please feel free to get listed on our marketplace for additional revenue streams. For more details, Click here.

    ~ Team HOORECON
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