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HOORECON's SeRDi - Segment-wise Regional Distributorships

HOORECON's SeRDi - Segment-wise Regional Distributorships

How to become an IT Entrepreneur instantly & Get 2.5x to 30x Returns in the first year itself?

Yes, if you're passionate in making deals with CXOs of businesses in Consulting/Counseling space to distribute our Tele-Consultation softwares across India.

The necessary training and backend technical support for software implementation will be ensured by our SeRDi Support team throughout your subscription year.

You can refer the LIVE implementation for one of our major client in B2B2C White-Labeling - on Personal Counseling space, Alpha Mind Power, Chennai : https://alphamindpower.net/e-counseling/

Join our social venture's rapidly growing network of *SeRDi* (Segment-wise Regional Distributors) for each District across India and pave your way to FINANCIAL FORTUNE with  earnings from :
  • 10% commission on the sale price
  • Ongoing PASSIVE INCOME of Rs.4 for every call from every user under that particular business client's (E.g Alpha Mind Power etc.) implementation.

A Case Study:

Our criteria is to target client organizations with min. of 10,000 active user base. Thus, as per 80/20 rule, we need to target that 15-20% of users who will regularly use our services. For optimal returns, we need to ensure that 15-20% i.e. 1,500-2,000 user conversions should be reached within a quarter, for that specific client implementation.

Part-A: Commission

Fixed commission on base pricing per client = Rs. 20,000

Part-B: Profit Margin 

Distributor's Profit Margin = Rs. 100,000 per client implementation.

Part-C: Huge PASSIVE Income, on Usage

Avg. calls per user per week = 1
1500 users (@15% of conservative conversion) × 52 weeks × 1 call/week x ₹4 of commission/call =>
Minimum of Rs. 3,12,000 PASSIVE INCOME per Client per Year

Total earnings per client per year = 0.2L + 1L + 3.1L =》 ₹ 4.3 Lakhs  (₹430,000)

Total Number of Client Orders/year :

Case-1: Least Case
Assuming that our distributor is lethargically onboarding only 1 new client per quarter, total earnings will be INR 17.2 Lakhs [₹ 1.7 Million] per annum at the IRR (Internal Rate of Return) of 392% p.a. for the standard investment of ₹700,000.

Case-2: Average Case
Considering practically, if a distributor onboards 1 client in Q1, 2 clients in Q2, 4 clients in Q3 and 8 clients in Q4, with the average of 15 clients/year, total earnings will be INR 64.5 Lakhs [₹ 6.4 Million] per annum at the IRR (Internal Rate of Return) of 2140% p.a. for the standard investment of ₹700,000.

Case-3: Best Case
However, our central technical implementation team can support even 1 implementation per week per distributor without impacting the standard delivery timeline of 3-4 weeks.

Considering our capability, if a distributor is committed to utilize this exclusive license to the fullest and captures 52 clients/year, the maximum earning capability will be : 52 clients/year x 8.4 Lakhs = INR 2.23 Crores [₹ 22 Million] per annum at the IRR (Internal Rate of Return) of 309% p.a. for the premium investment of ₹1,00,00,000 for the exclusive distributorship across ALL segments in that District.

The Business Segments that we currently open up for District-wise SeRDi distributorships across India, along with the Investment amount (excluding GST) for each SeRDi License for 12 months are :

I. B2B2C
1. B2B2C White-Labeling - On Personal Counseling Space - INR   700,000
2. B2B2C White-Labeling - On Business Consulting Space - INR 2,000,000
3. B2G2C White-Labeling - On Governmental Services      - INR 2,000,000
4. B2B - Corporates                                                           - INR 1,000,000
5. B2B - Colleges                                                               - INR 1,000,000
6. B2B - Schools                                                                - INR    700,000
7. B2B - NGOs & Religious Organizations                          - INR    700,000
8. B2P2C - Integrations with Famous TechPlatforms         - INR 2,000,000

Hence, the Investment for the complete ownership of ALL Segments in a specific Distribution Region (i.e. specific District) will be INR 1 Crore [₹ 10 Million] of Investment for 12 months of SeRDi license, for the projected earnings upto INR 2.23 Crores [₹ 22 Million] per District per Year

As we're offering 50% discount on the 2nd year investment, we strongly recommend to get the license for 24 months period for maximum ROI to the SeRDi distributor. We've published our most profitable pricing for 24 months of SeRDi license along with the options of 50% and 25% reduction on Initial Investment with proportionate changes in commission/call so that you can earn from the sales and upgrade to higher investment sizes gradually.

Please click here to refer our "Returns on Investment (ROI) Calculator" in which you can choose your own PERSONALIZED investment plan by:
  • Preferred Business Segment (Any one or few, out of 8 segments / Exclusive rights to ALL Segments of that District)
  • Licensing Period (12 months / 24 months with 50% discount on 2nd year)
  • Discount on Initial Payment to Pay Only (50%, 25%) with proportionate reduction in Commission/Call
Also be notified that it will not be a cake walk for every distributor and its best suited for the ones who're not only COMMITTED but also TALENTED in making Sale Deals and having Good contacts with CXOs of various organizations. However, No worries regarding the technical aspects, as we will also closely GUIDE you in closing the deals through out the licensing period.

For any clarifications, please send your queries to serdi@hoorecon.com  with your phone number so that we shall revert back by mail or WhatsApp call at the earliest. Alternatively, you can call to our General Customer Care +91-44-39575050 and press 0 for Distributorship (through it'll primarily ask for options 1 or 2 for End Users and Experts respectively).
We hope, you got clarified and have taken the right decision. To join our pan India network (SeRDi), kindly make payment for the appropriate license by RTGS:

Account No.    : 50200029346067
A/c Type        : Current Account
Bank              : HDFC
Branch           : 100 feet road, Velachery, Chennai, India.
IFSC Code      : HDFC0000444
GSTIN      :  33AACCH2941N1ZJ

OR, purchase our basic license ONLINE here: https://hoorecon.com/products/serdi

Attn. Lead Generation Agents!
If you're interested on our highest ROI (Returns on Investment) plans but unable to invest now for distributorship, you even EARN this amount from our business itself without any upfront investment at all, if you've qualified contacts and passion for selling.

On leads for SeRDi Distributors:

    • You can alternatively REFER the most prospective distributors to us who can take our distributorship and get the referral commission of 10% on every successful conversion*, ranging from 17.5K to 15L as per the license type. (*T&C Apply)

On leads for Direct Clients (without exclusive Distributorship):

    • Even if you could not afford to buy our exclusive Distributorship, still you can alternatively REFER the most prospective clients directly to us who can purchase our eConsulting products and get the decent earnings* as below (*T&C Apply):
    Part-A: Commission
    Fixed commission on base pricing per client = Rs. 20,000

    Part-B: Profit Margin 
    Distributor's Profit Margin = Rs. 100,000 per client implementation.

    Total earnings per client (on successful sale) =  ₹20,000 to  ₹1.2 Lakhs  (₹120,000)

    ~ Team HOORECON
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