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How can I share my personal issues openly?

As the call is completely anonymous and your identity will not be revealed to the expert at other end, you can boldly share your concerns without carrying the burdens within you for long time.

What kind of Experts are available on this platform?

We have 4 kinds of experts, to aid you in handling your stress effectively:
  1. Psychological Counselors
  2. Spiritual Counselors
  3. Friends of Support
  4. Entertainers like poets, singers, comedians or mimicry artists or simply the talkative friends

Can I choose the expert by Gender or Language?

Yes, absolutely! You can choose to speak to experts of your preferred gender in your preferred language. 

I'm already cool and NOT stressed at all. So, I don't think your platform will be useful to me in any way. Please Clarify.

Great to know that you're Mr. Cool or Ms. Cool. However, in this ever-changing world,its said as, "If you're not growing, you're actually dying". So, on your daily run towards your goals, our regular professional COACHING will help you to identify your mental blocks in achieving goals and to function at your own best - irrespective external comparisons. 

What's difference between Counselling and Coaching?

Counseling is typically a one or series of sessions, that are required when we go down from normal line and want some external support to bounce back to normal at the earliest. 

Coaching is typically a series of sessions over a period of time, until you achieve your specific goals and ambitions across various areas of your life. Remember, Self-Investment is THE BEST INVESTMENT, as only if the SELF is stable physically, mentally and emotionally, we can live with success and happiness.  

Though 699 Basic Pack of 40mins TalkTime seems to be cheaper than Direct Counselling, I wonder whether I alone will use it fully. Is it feasible to include my family and friends also in my package so that they too can make use of it, whenever needed?

Yes. Why not? The very reason of calling someones as our near & dears is that, we'll be with them during their challenging moments. In that sense, its one of greatest gifts that you can offer to them to empower them everyday.

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