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Who we are? For what, we stand for?

Who we are? For what, we stand for?

Welcome to HOORECON - Humanity Oriented Offerings, from the Revolutionary Effect of CONsciousness !


Raising the Average World Happiness Index to 6.9 by 2030, by empowering Global Citizens on 3 of the 6 Key Happiness Indicators that are more individualistic - Healthy life expectancy, Freedom to make life choices and Generosity. 


Building Together an Extraordinary Fortune 100 organization, by 2025! 


Serving Billions of people around the globe on a daily basis, as their trustable best friend !!


Celebrating everyday as One Family and Continuously contributing to humanity with PASSION and COMPASSION!


Predictable Availability, Integrity, Honesty, Productivity, Responsibility, Solvability & Inclusivity

(For anyone to associate with us, from employees to external partnerships to investors)

  • To Get Started on any role: (1) Predictable Availability (2) Integrity
  • For our association to sustain: (3) Honesty (4) Productivity
  • For Seniors & Leads: (5) Responsibility
  • For Middle & Senior Management: (6) Solvability - With Clarity for the Role, Creativity on Demand & Intensity to resolve On-Time 
  • For Leaders:  As we often say, "Situations are our managers and Purpose is our chief", Consistently demonstrating the Situational Leadership through : (7) Inclusivity as One Family - across ALL the stakeholders from Investors, Team members, Vendors, SUR-WAY Solution Partners, SeRDi Distributors, SOON Online Outlets, Customers to our Customer's Customers!

As its obviously one of the larger than life vision and thus one individual or organization or government alone can't do, its high time for all of us to unite together as one global family for this vision of suicide-free world with increased average world happiness index to happen. Yes, its a social venture that's fundamentally running for a cause in the form of business. After years of research and owning quite a few IPR rights, finally, its our endeavor to make the most constructive use of many powerful technologies of our generation FOR the human well-being.

Together, Let's make it happen!

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