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About the Coaches - A.D. Shezhiyan Raj, Mindfulness Coach & Neminathan

About the Coaches - A.D. Shezhiyan Raj, Mindfulness Coach & Neminathan Barath, Sales Coach

About A.D. Shezhiyan Raj, Mindfulness Coach :
  • A Self-made First generation IT Entrepreneur, having 5+ years of entrepreneurial journey, with overall industry exposure of 18 years
  • A Social Activist who made a historical contribution in the form of a Musical Album that will live for centuries, offered towards an UN affiliated organization
  • An Intense Spiritual Seeker, who has received many powerful initiations from various spiritual masters over the past 2 decades
  • A Thought Surgeon, who can initiate even a psychiatric patient with a messy mind into the absolute stillness of thoughtlessness, in no time
  • A Blessed Being, who has been graced by the Life with the glimpses of the Samadhi experiences at various power spots of our ancient Siddhas
  • A Visionary having the single pointed agenda of - Bringing down the Global Suicide Count to ZERO within 2030 by leveraging all the technologies of our generation for inner wellbeing,
  •  Through his Social Entrepreneurship initiatives that he calls as Humanity Oriented Offerings, to make the Revolutionary Effect on the standard of living of our global family, from the state of higher CONsciouness - abbreviated as HOORECON,
  • Offering a 24x7 Consulting Marketplace for Instant Counselling and Goals specific Coaching,
  • By bringing together various leading brands in the Consulting space as Authorized Service Providers, like AstroVed, Fitness One, EzyLife, Athenus Business Consulting, Abundance Arun etc.
  • An Innovator, owning 5 Intellectual Property Rights, obtained from Govt. of India
  • An Author of an upcoming book, Be Your Best-mate! - An Eternal Wisdom for Everyday Life !!
  • He is your Coach of Truth - Mr. Chezhiyen (pronounced as 'Seliyan') from Chennai, India - for now, though he experientially claims the whole world as his native land and all beings as part of his global family
  • He is the inventor of CAB-FAME Sutra for Wish Fulfillment - An Eastern SECRET to the World
  • Whereas, these manifestation techniques and their results are Reviewed and Endorsed by a World famous Energy Healer and International Best-seller Author
  • Basically, an IT Professional with more than a decade of Rich Corporate Experience across Indian and Global MNCs like Wipro, ORACLE, PayPal etc.
  • Educationally, having Distinction in B.E (Computer Science & Engineering), while also holding an exemplary record of clearing all semesters at once on his Post Graduation in Business Administration
  • An Active Learner who had invested more than INR. 2 Millions in learning from various masters and legends across the world like Blair Singer, Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, Alex Mandossian etc. 
  • An Enthusiastic Lyricist and Ever-intense Karma Yogi :)

Using this CAB-FAME Sutra for Wish Fulfillment, one can become both SUCCESSFUL & JOYFUL, as most successful people are not happy and most of the happy people are not that successful.

His transformational program will assure you these 2 key benefits:

1) Spiritualistic Peace, that will come with you until your last breath

2) Materialistic Prosperity, across all areas of life

About Neminathan BarathSales Coach :

A General Manager of Sales from an MNC and a Serial Entrepreneur himself, Neminathan is also offering Strategic Consultancy

For Startups to :

$ To Acquire their Initial 0 to 100 Customers
$ Lead Generation - Organic & Paid

For Established Businesses to :

$ To Grow Business Consistently and Exponentially
$ Sales Conversion Framework
$ Core Influence Tactics on Sales
$ Becoming a Sales Magnetic Character

Let us know if you are willing to bring magical results on your sales..👍 If yes, 

Get started Right NOW, to double your Sales!




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