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Access to HOORECON's Services

Access to HOORECON's Services

Dear User,

Thank you for purchasing our service. We're happy to serve you :)

To Avail the services of MyGenie Automated Counselling & Instant LIVE Counselling:

1) Download Android App for xSpaz (Automated Counselling & LIVE Counselling)

Once you've downloaded, you need to:

a) Login with your Gmail, Update your User Details & Verify Mobile Number with the received OTP (One Time Password)

b) For Automated Counselling, Click the 'Call Now' button from the Home screen, with the default option of 'MyGenie' selected in the 'Connect me to' section.

For Instant LIVE Counselling, you can go with the options of 'Any Available Experts' OR 'My Specific Expert' (if you've known any specific expert's ID from past consultations), under the 'Connect me to' section.

2) Alternatively, Dial to Direct IVR Number: 044-71966000 (Supports only Automated Counselling for now and LIVE Counselling is yet to be enabled on Direct IVR mode)


iOS App is coming soon! Stay tuned!

Have a great beginning :)

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