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My247Guide - Guidelines for Counselors

My247Guide - Guidelines for Counselors

GUIDELINES for Counselors - to practice on My247Guide platform:

Self Intro :

  •        Hello <Greeting>! Welcome to My247Guide psychological counsellors forum. I’m <Counselor’s NickName - Actual Name should NOT be revealed> and my Expert ID is <Unique ID>, for future references.

E.g. ·        Hello Good Afternoon! Welcome to My247Guide psychological counsellors forum. I’m Chelz and my Expert ID is 4, for future references.


Setting the Expectations :

A counseling process is a professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal problems. It will be usually between 20-40mins on the case-to-case basis.

Especially with this IVR based anonymous counselling, anyone - even the non-smartphone users or the smartphone users without the internet data also, can avail our service.

It’s a completely confidential and anonymous call, as your identity like your phone number or name are not shown to us. Similarly, we’re not supposed to share our actual name or contact information - except our Expert ID and unique NickName.

If you prefer to meet any of us specifically in person for direct counseling, please write a mail to with your Name, MobileNumber, Expert ID and Expert’s NickName. Our Counselors Coordinator Officers in your region will arrange for the direct meet-up / video-call, within 7 days.

DO’s :

  •      During the conversation, Be professional by maintaining proper boundaries with clients.
  •      Be a good listener and provide space for clients to express and ventilate their feelings comfortably.
  •      Be lively with positive energy.
  •      Client should own their solution.
  •      Facilitate the solution discovery by asking the right questions, without any explicit advice. Though you can add your perspective to make them to see the missing piece of the whole, its most recommended to make the Client to discover their own solutions.
  •      Conclusion, or at the least, an interim conclusion is must for every counselling session - preferably within the standard time of 45mins as the system will automatically disconnect the session when it reaches 1hr.
  •      If any fake calls or if the conversation is going out of the context, then you can avoid such calls by assertively alerting the client on their unprofessional behaviour. Then, you can proactively mail to your corresponding chapter owner by copying to about the incident with your ExpertID, Name, Mobile number and the Exact time of the fake call.
  •      For security and quality purposes, please be notified that all the counselling calls will be recorded. 


  •     Do not advice and Just listen and reflect to their problem with empathy
  •     Do not label them, like you’re depressed or suicidal, except it’s very critical to alert them that way, in rare cases.
  •     Do not jump to solutions and facilitate them to discover their own solutions.
  •     Do not record the counseling calls, as you have agreed for our terms. Otherwise, the defaulting counselor will require to face legal proceedings not only from the clients but also from our My247Guide platform, to strictly avoid any potential damages that can happen to our clients.
  •      Do not discuss religious or political or communal topics.
  •      Do not share your personally identifiable information like your name, mobile number or email id etc. If you sense the need to counsel a specific client in person considering his/her criticality, say s/he is suicidal now, you can mail to your chapter owner copying to and then can quickly call & alert your chapter owner, with Time of the call or User ID once we implemented it later.

Closing the session :

Please hold on to this call even after I disconnected, to rate your counseling experience between 1 to 5, while 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

In case, if you prefer to meet any of us specifically in person for direct counseling, please write a mail to with your Name, MobileNumber, Expert ID and Expert’s NickName. Our Counselors Coordinator Officers in your region will arrange for the direct meet-up / video-call, within 7 working days.

Thank you for availing our service! Have a great life ahead !!


General Updates:

  •    We will shortly forward the Service Agreement and Self-Declaration form within this week, to Counsellors who have submitted all the relevant docs - at least with self-attestation:
    • 10th Standard Certificate
    • 12th Standard Certificate
    • UG Degree(s) Certificates
    • PG Degree(s) Certificates (Only if its applicable)
    • Certifications related to Counseling / Healing / Therapy Services
    • Awards & Recognitions (Only if its declared)
    • PAN Card
    • Cancelled Cheque Leaf of the Bank Account where Earnings to be credited in future
    • Aadhaar Card
    • Passport Size Photograph
  •    Though we’ve enabled everyone as active now, during this testing phase, before going live formally, we will make all those who did not submit the documents or signed-agreements as INACTIVE. So, please be proactive in clearing up your formalities.
  •    In addition to these basic guidelines, we will introduce an orientation program - directly at the corresponding Offline TCC Chapters or virtually online, for every new counselor in near future. Depending on the expertise of counselor, it may go up to maximum of 5 sessions to setup the standard practices as part of 'on boarding' formalities. This may include about basics of psychology, counselling, client handling including different situations & handling guidance with examples.
  •    Periodically, once in 3 months, Counselors will be reassessed by our Counselors Coordination Officers (CCOs) for continuing their service on our platform.
  •    We will publish the elaborate FAQs document online for both Counselors and Clients in the upcoming weeks.

Some of the FAQs:

Q1. What is this company all about?

     This technological solution My247Guide is the product of HOORECON @ HOORECON IT-Sys Pvt Ltd, a Chennai based Private Limited Company registered in Jun 2009. It is a product based software company that was recognized and funded by Technology Development Board of India, for its innovative solutions.

Social Vision      : Bringing down the Global Suicide Count to ZERO by 2025.

Business Vision : Becoming a Fortune 500 organization by 2021.

Mission              : Serving billions of people around the globe on a daily basis, as a trustable best-friend !

Core Values       : Commitment, Communications (both proactive & responsive) & Consistency

Operating Channels : IVR, Online - Web, Online - Android App, Online - iOS App & Offline City-wise Global Chapters in the upcoming months


Q2. Whether this service will on the pro-bono basis always or will I be get paid?

Yes, you will be paid as well - after we crossed this beta stage or trial run stage. However, all your services during this period will yield you to earn the right to serve more number of clients under different categories like higher number of sessions counselled, highest user-satisfaction ratings etc. For such exemplary experts, as decided by our user community than by our company committee, there are many additional earning opportunities that we will share down the line. For now, the counselors can actively support to build this overall My247Guide together and build a personal branding for themselves with effective counselling to earn better user satisfaction ratings.


Q3. If I’m going to be paid from this My247Guide platform, how will I be paid and from when onwards I can expect earnings from this platform for my services?

The payments will be digital and on a monthly basis initially and will be reduced to fortnightly basis in the upcoming months to your bank account directly for which you’re expected to provide a cancelled cheque leaf now itself. We’re expecting this beta stage launch to stabilize max by Aug 15th. However, if counselors can be proactive in form submissions, documents submission etc. without much follow-up, we can fasten up things and thus doing our best to go for commercial launch within a month itself. We request all of your understanding and support, as ours is a new brand that will take atleast 1-2 months to become accepted.


Q4. How will a Expert know about the language chosen by our end users?

During our intro session itself we have to ask our end users to select the preferred language. For example. Good morning . Welcome to my 247 psychological form .. my name is (Nick name) and my expert id is 5 and I can speak Hindi,English,Tamil. which language do you want to choose..

Together, Let’s make it happen !!


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