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Copy of HOORECON's xSpaz - Inaugural Offer - CAR1

Copy of HOORECON's xSpaz - Inaugural Offer - CAR1

Welcome to HOORECON - xSpaz

 xSpaz is an Integrated Solution Platform for Empowering Individuals for intellectual and personal consulting!

Your life is your Making...We care for the way you Live


        Save Time: No waiting to see expert consultants

        Save Money: No travel or related expenses

       Instant Reach: No need to research to find experts that too at the time you want
Life Areas:  All Areas of Human Needs for Excellence in our Daily Life


Health :  Available Now

Emotional Wellness : Available Now

Law :  Available Soon

Astrology:  Available Soon 

Medical : Available Soon

Finance: Available Soon

Education and Career: Available Soon

All our Experts are Authentic Industry veterans from reputed organisations

Services Assured by a Governance committee comprising of Non profit and socially recognized personalities.

Costs: Comparatively less then what you spend for travel, time and for consulting expert services.

Why not free: Empowered by you users, in choosing experts and experts are paid for their service and their availability and also part goes to charity.

Users also get Rewards as Cash and Service time, which makes it literally free for you.

Show that you care for your friends, family and society's well-being by using our service and recommending HOORECON's xSpaz !

Inaugural Offer: First 500 users get Rs. 300 ( 100% Cash back ) 

Step1:     Buy Consulting-Mins : 

Purchase your preferred Talk time Plan ( Use Mobile number during payment process)

Step 2:   Register / Top-Up

Register as a User for the first time with the Order ID received from above purchase of talk-time plan

Step3:  Download xSpaz Android App from this Link  :

Please join hands. Let us build a larger user community base!
HOORECON IT-Sys Pvt Ltd reserves its absolute right at any time to add/ withdraw/ alter/ modify or change or vary any or all the terms and conditions of the offer as its sole discretion and the same shall be binding on the customer at all times.
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