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D2D - 2022

D2D - 2022

Dreams to Destiny - 2022

Dear Friends,

Greetings !

Here’s only once in a year program, Dreams to Destiny (D2D) Yearly Coaching Program towards this New Year 2022.

Yes, It’s a unique blend of our DoD (Designing our Destiny) Coaching Series, with highest level of personalization. Though you’re all already successful and even happy to an extent, you yourself would know as you lack something that you could not put it into words and feel as you're not living your life to the fullest. What’s missing then?

However capable you’re, however hard working you’re, however good hearted you’re, you can not achieve all that you truly deserve - as long as the Concept of your Self (i.e. your own Inner Beliefs about your worth) is not expanded !

We can call these patterns as Limitations practically, Mind Blocks psychologically or Karma spiritually.

That’s where we will operate within you, on a Thought Surgery - to liberate your True Self from your False Mind :)

Yes, Have you ever wondered how to take charge of your life 100% into your hands? If so, now is the TIME that has arrived and here is the way with our flagship foundation program, Designing our Destiny (DoD) that is primarily spread across 3 Levels as:

● Level-1 : Emotional Vaccination (3 Hrs Video Course - 2 Hrs of Video + 1 Hr of Exercise)
● Level-2 : Foundation for DoD (7 Hrs Video Course - 6 Hrs of Video + 1 Hr of Exercise)
● Level-3.1 : Orientation for DoD Mastery (3Hrs of LIVE Personalized Coaching)
● Level-3.2 : The 21 Days DoD Blueprint (1.5 Hrs/day for Daily Homework + 1-2 Hrs/day for Personal Project)
● Level-3.3 : DD-DoD - An Initiation into Dating the Divine & Designing our Destiny ! (5 Hrs LIVE)

Right after setting this foundation,

Fortnightly Coaching for 27 weeks to attain your Personalized Goals across ALL Areas of your Life, by effectively mastering the DD-DoD foundation.

*-In this first phase, DoD Program is offered in Tamil and it will be released in other regional languages also shortly. Prices are Excluding GST.

For a superfast growth across all areas of your life with super savings, you can directly invest on this:

Dreams to Destiny, 2022 Package : bit.ly/dod-d2d @ ₹ 1,00,000 + GST.

Note: This program is a unique fusion of Practical, Psychological & Spiritual Solutions for Holistic Wellbeing across all areas of life !

 The Events Calendar, for this Yearly Once Program Package:
Registrations Open : Dec 25th to Jan 7th, every year
  • Completion of Levels # 1 & 2 : Jan 14th
  • Completion of Level # 3.1 : Jan 21st
  • Completion of Level # 3.2 : Feb 14th
  • Completion of Level # 3.3 : Feb 28th
  • [Q1] Mastering the DD-DoD foundation with One Specific Goal on One Topmost Area of Life :  Mar 31st
  • [Q2] Effective Resolution of Problems across ALL 10 Areas of Life : Jun 30th
  • [Q3] Effortless Meeting of Needs across ALL 10 Areas of Life : Sep 30th
  • [Q4] Extraordinary Achievement of Aspirations across ALL 10 Areas of Life : Dec 15th
  • Sharing of Success Stories, Get Together & Parties : Dec 31st
Wishing you a wonderful New Year of 2022, with Absolute Fulfillment inside and All Around Abundance outside !!
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