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Designing our Destiny - A 90 Days Intensive !

Designing our Destiny - A 90 Days Intensive !

Dear Friend,


* Did you ever wonder as you're a victim of life or slave to circumstances?

* Did you ever feel as you're unlucky, irrespective of your best efforts, best talents or best intentions?

* Did you ever worry as your astrology is not in your favor or heard as you've a lot more karma blocking your way?

* If not any of the above, Did you ever search for a way out from all the limitations to design your own destiny by crafting each and every area of your life as you wish, instead of going by the fate?

If there's a yes for any one of the above questions, then there is a great news waiting for you just around the corner..


Before revealing that, here is the quick self-check on the Qualification Criteria :

1) Are you of age 20years or more?

2) Are you in normal mental state now to listen and understand the instructions in English and Tamil?

3) Are you comfortable with attending and giving Online Sessions, as we'll be giving assignment to give a session also at times?

4) Are you truly committed to pay the price that it takes, in terms of time and effort it demands i.e totally 10 sessions of 3 hrs each, spread over the span of 3 months?

5) Though it's absolutely FREE and can be attended only by invitation from a sponsor, there's an expectation that you should have the heart to gift back that Rs. 4999 of sponsorship to at least 3 more people who are most important in your life (Note, the most important people in your own life and not of your sponsor's life), only if you've truly experienced any upliftment in the first 3 days.. Are you willing to spread the gift that you received, with generosity?

If yes, get ready for a great thing that you may be searching for years and decades and even lifetimes.. 😊👍

It is an Intense 90 Days Transformation Workshop!

Designing our Destiny (DoD),
The 10 Enlightening Steps for our Immediate Emotional Freedom to the Interim Financial Freedom to the Eternal Spiritual Freedom!


இறையுடன் இணைந்து, விதியுடன் விளையாடு!
வாழ்வில் ஜெயிக்கவும், வாழ்வையே ஜெயிக்கவும் வழிகாட்டும் 10 படிகள்!

As this program will be given in the batches of 3 people (that we call as 'Social Family') as per the design, kindly note that you'll be expected to abide by the below:

The 6 Code of Honor for our Inner Game

1) I will keep up the purity of this Social Family and promise to maintain the confidentiality, no matter what!

2.1) God/Creator! Give me the heart to accept others who did sins differently than me. I accept my Social Family as they are, along with their limitations. I internally care for them unconditionally, irrespective of their mood swings and situations.

2.2) I promise that I will not discriminate against age, gender, sexual orientation, profession, social status, caste, religion, region or any social identities. Also, I promise to relate all my Social Family members, with the only common identity of Humanity.

3.1) I promise to be truthful and honest on all my communications with this Social Family, throughout my period of association.
3.2) I may even choose not to express myself at times and I’ll openly tell that also honestly at that time, but I won’t lie at all.

4.1) I promise to choose my Identity and Ego consciously as required for a situation, only for that limited period of time.
4.2) Also I promise to be aware of the Selfishness and Thanklessness that may come up at times and replace them with the Collaboration and Gratefulness, respectively.

5) I promise to participate consistently and actively with 100% involvement both for the growth of my own Self and for my Social Family.

6) I promise to be Coachable, be Open to receive for new things beyond my likes and dislikes and willing to experiment in real life as prescribed without my own assumptions or modifications.

NOTE: If you're feeling uncomfortable with any one of the above 6 codes of honor, then this program may not be suitable for you right now, as it will be an intensive workshop of self transformation by analysis each area of your life in depth and every exercise must be completed holistically before taking you to the subsequent levels of this interesting self journey.

If you're willing to do whatever it takes to take complete control over your destiny, then you're just one step ahead of the most privileged opportunity that you were waiting for all these years. Best wishes !!

The 90 Days Calendar of DoD Program :

I. Stage 1:

Day 1 to 3 :

Absolutely FREE for you, however, only through a personal invitation from your Sponsor!!

3hrs/day [9Hrs totally] - CLARITY Installation for Emotional Freedom on any one of these 4 batch timings in IST (Indian Standard Time):

6.30-9.30am, 10-1pm, 2-5pm, 6.30-9.30pm

Day 4 & 5 :

A Short Break! Only if the first 9hrs of coaching has empowered you, you can continue this journey further by sponsoring to 3 most important persons in your life, @ 4999/person.

Otherwise, you can choose to withdraw with the 3 days of FREE sessions itself - No obligations!!

Day 6 & 7 :

Bonus Program #1 - COMMITMENT Installation, as 3hrs/day [6 Hrs totally]

Day 8-10 :

Special Project to master what was already learnt in the first 3 days, as 3hrs/day [9 Hrs]

Day 11 & 12 :

Bonus Program #2 - CAPABILITY Installation, as 3hrs/day [6 Hrs totally]

II. Stage 2:

Day 13-42 :

30 Days of Personalized Support, with the spending of only 1Hr/day

Day 43 & 44:

3hrs/day [6Hrs totally] - ABUNDANCE Installation for Financial Freedom

III. Stage 3:

Day 46-75 :

Another 30 Days of Personalized Support, with the spending of only 1Hr/day

Day 75-90:

Either on the second or fourth Sunday falling in this period,

Final 3Hrs Climax of HUMANITY Installation for Spiritual Freedom and sustained Emotional & Financial Freedom! 😇👍🙏


As the first 3days of 9Hrs coaching (as 3hrs/day) worth Rs.4999 is absolutely FREE - (excluding the nominal registration fee of ₹199 to avoid non-committed people, that too to be paid only after experiencing the program for first 1.5hrs), please feel free to experience this Level#1 coaching to Upgrade your Fortune Blueprint

If you're an Organization,

then there is a special value-added service through a technology driven platform, in addition to this coaching program. You can check it here.

May you receive this wisdom and manifest your own destiny..🙌😇👍


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