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S.No. Frequently Asked Questions - Kindly Click on the question & Scroll Right for answers >> Answer
1 Full Form of TCC? Trainers and Counsellors Club
2 What is the Brand name to share with clients? "My twenty-four seven Guide Counseling forum". 247 represents 24x7 round the clock service.
3 What is meant by MY247Guide app ? It's a counseling forum towards emotional wellness. we have experts for emotional support, career guidance, life coach and so on.It's like a 'Go to friend' for sharing and seeking guidance and feeling supported without being judged
4 From When and Where TCC chapters will be active? Opening TCC chapters across all state capital of India from July 1st, is in plan. we need coordinators across the world at the capital of every country by this Sep 30th. Interested experts from respective states with references of min. 25 counselors and shared vision, can contact our CCOs or mail to
5 What is CPP? CPP - Counselors Protection Plan.. when Experts (counsellors) are taking care of others, it's Hoorecon's responsibility to take care of their lives - from finance to health.. There will be discussion in detail during meet-up with senior counselors to keep CPP active and stay relavant to all Experts, in the upcoming months.
1 Why do we have to submit an online registration form? Experts have to submit their online registration forms in order to capture all their relevant details which will be used for future reference and also for completely automated backend operations purpose. So, we have mandated this as a process during the enrollment process
2 Why Test Calls? Test calls are made for 2 reasons - to ensure consistency of the system periodically and to give a mock experience to most of the counselors who are young and new to this arena of counselling over voice calls.
3 Why do we need to save the IVR numbers with special ringtone? Save the IVR numbers with special ringtone, as system will wait only for 30 seconds and move on to next best counselor available at that time zone. We want Experts to avail their opportunity to reach out and be available to the clients.
4 Who rates us, should we be asking the client to rate us? Yes, We should ask the client at the end of our call to rate the call experience for our quality and training purpose.
5 Why 2 production / Go-LIVE numbers? As some of you, esp the non technical persons, might be wondering why 2 production / Go-LIVE numbers, here's the reason: One number (04439575050) is for our own direct promotion slowly and steadily.

Another (04439592000) is to reach out to a large group of captive audience in collaboration with Telecom service providers or for demo to other VIPs in society or CEOs of corporates.
6 What is an Expert ID? How do I get my Expert ID? It's an unique ID assigned for each counselor (Expert) to uniquely identify an Expert and used for purpose like confirming your online availability. Please check your registered mail ID for the receipt of our communication about your unique Expert ID, your DOB as per our records for further authentication purposes, that you can use while configuring your online/offline availability
7 Can we share information or details of any of our domain related programme / workshop / event etc on the experts Whatsapp group? With prior TCC Endorsement, it can be done. We request Experts to understand the perspective of this whatsapp group message board. It is exclusively for specific communication purpose. Ofcourse with TCC Endorsement, for example, you may get additional 10% discounts for members (indicative and case to case decision will be taken). Alternatively, experts can mail the details to
8 What is the 'system logic' by which a end-use call is assigned to an Expert? Confidential. On the high level, its based on the life-area, language and gender preference of end-user, system will connect to the the expert who is both highly rated and also available at that time.
9 Is there any Guidelines for Experts to follow and Where can i have access to it ? My247Guide - Guidelines for Counselors to practice - Please refer the latest version of guidelines in the below link:
10 From where are the experts' timezone ascertained? These details are collected from the experts while filling the form. Please check your registered mail id to which we've sent the details of your time-zone. If you want to change the same, we will enable an option in the upcoming weeks.
11 Based on what parameters are experts assigned the calls ? Number of calls the experts receive is based on the experts ratings and their online availability. 
1 I am new entrant and wish to be an Expert. Where do I submit my documents? Ensure you submit all the relevant docs to and confirm with our CCO concerned. Request: please send all docs at once in a single mail's attachment. We at Hoorecon, request all of you adhere to this discipline for better productivity, as we may miss out at times among many mails, if you send in part-by-part. Thanks for your trust and extraordinary support.
2 As an Expert how can I update myself with what's going on here in TCC? We understand your point and we care to update or respond as much as we can through the Whatsapp group. We request every Expert to spare some quality time of 15-20 minutes per day in going the chat conversations in My24X7Guide Counsellors (Whatsup group). Also as everyone may not track every post, we're updating FAQ document periodically for Experts as much as possible. You can also call the CCOs for any specific clarification.
3 What should be done in case an Expert is not available during the committed Time Zone? Even during your committed time zones, if you are busy with any unplanned activities, please mark your availability as "Offline" in this simple web link, against your Expert ID that was / will be communicated by our technical team to your mail.

In the specified weblink, you can provide your unique expert ID, authenticate yourself with your date of birth in YYYY-MM-DD format, select status as Online/Offline and click 'Submit'. It's that simple!

 It will be helpful to give that counseling opportunity to next best counselors during your unavailable hours. Once you're available, please don't forget to set 'Online' again in the same web link.
4 Whom do I contact if I havent recieved my Expert ID? If you haven't recieved your expert id, experts can contact tech team executive @ 9677222278
5 Are there any regular Expert meet ups happening? If so what is the agenda of these meeting? Yes. We meet on every 2nd Saturday of the month in the evening for 3 hours between 5:30 and 8:30pm. There will be a 30 minute Master Class from various Specialists during the monthly meet-up. Please also note that its recommended to attend but not a mandate.
1 Is the Client-Counsellor Interaction confidential? Yes,Every expert must maintain the confidentiality of real-time client interactions.
2 Whether an Expert can ask the name of the person (end user - client) who calls him/her?' It depends.. maybe asked once, if it's required for the context. But if they don't share it, do not ask again.
3 If an expert is busy & recognize the call after attending the call from another end-user, is there any option where the expert can redirect the call to the system? Yes, this will be automatically redirected to next best counselor, if not answered within 30 secs. The reason to assign a different ringtone is precisely for this purpose so that you can identify the call as from the "My 247 Guide Counsellors Forum" so that you can pick up the call when free or  need not attend, if busy. If however you answer the call by mistake and you are unable to handle the call, explain the situation and ask the client to disconnect and call back on the same number so that the call can be reassigned to another counsellor. Note, it will redirect to another counsellor only if you immediately mark your availability as OFFLINE with the shared link or if you did not pick the call for the second time, as you may be the first available expert at that time with high ratings and the previous call might have disconnected by signal also mistakenly.
4 Should experts reveal their personal identity to end user? Please don't disclose your name and details to the end user.
Just say it's My247Guide psychological counseling forum.
At last, before disconnecting the call, ask the user to to rate your call experience and also share your unique expert ID. In future, if they feel like connecting to you specifically, they can make use of your expert ID.
5 How are international and ISD calls connected ?

We're still working on the future-payment plans for ISD calls, we're not publicizing this international counseling capability as of now. But, we've tested and are clear that we can do this service globally for sure. Beyond technicality, there are many operational aspects to be ensured. We will go operational globally too, step by step.
6 When a client disconnects the call in a hurry, how are we supposed to communicate our id and how do we know our ratings? Your rating for that particular session will be missed. On Online solutions, we will have the option of forcing the user to rate the previous experience by visually showing the details. But on IVR, it wont be a good user experience. So, its recommended to inform the user well in advance proactively, maybe, even at the start of the session itself to wait and rate the session experience even after the disconnection of expert. When we provide online interface later, you can come to know about your ratings automatically and not now.
7 What if the client receives two contradicting ideas from 2 counselors for the same challenge s/he is facing.Won't s/he complain to the next person? First thing, as we are professionals our diagnosis should not be different. Secondly, our suggestion may not be exactly the same, but it should be relevant.
8 If a client is calling just for fun or timepass without an actual issue or there any specific sentence to be used to handle\terminate the call? Or should we just listen to them? It is sometimes difficult to assess the veracity of the call considering the nature of our profession. If post 10 - 15 minutes, if the expert finds that the call is going no where, he/she can politely let the client know that the call is not going to be of help to him/her at the moment and that he/she can call at a later time. And, the expert can complain the same to with the date&time at which the call was received, so that we can take corrective actions later, if required.
9 Would it even sound appropriate asking the client for rating, after a heart touching discussion? Absolutely, that's the right time to ask - after you added value to his/her life. Experts can modulate our tone accordingly (politely) and we may ask them for our quality and training purposes.
31 What if the client wants to talk to the same person and can't because he couldn't either get the counselor's or Id if the call somehow ended without exchanging these details? Please ensure to share your unique expert ID. It's beneficial to both experts and the clients.As of now we don't have the option of tracking the experts and the clients will be connected to anyone as per availability and ratings. However, it will be ready in couple of weeks.
1 What IVR numbers to be saved by Expert? Testing System - 044 39575447 Live Production System - 04439575050 ,VIPs / CEOs / Telecom Companies like Vodafone, who have the influence to take the solutions to lakhs of users - 04439592000
2 Where did the direct referrals from you counselors have to be registered?
3 Link to join this online meetup ?
4 Our Facebook page link ?
5 Which email id should the experts send their documents to?
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