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MyGenie, Instant AI based Online Counselling, Mentoring, Life Coaching

MyGenie - An Automated Counselling Solution from HOORECON

Experience your "MyGenie", Right NOW!

 For Step-by-Step Guidance, please refer this Video.

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Amudhan is a 33 years old, well educated and experienced IT professional who had recently quit his high paying job and ventured into his own startup. But, he finds himself now struggling on his new role as an Entrepreneur, without work-life balance by compromising on his health, financial savings and quality time even with the closest relationships. He doesn't know whom to share his challenges and how to come out of them.

Not only Amudhan, there are thousands of such aspiring entrepreneurs who're emotionally dependent on others and logically confused. They could not attain success, NOT because they lack hard work or talent, just because they lack the necessary emotional support system to hold and support them whenever they need, without any bias or judgments about them.

Realizing such needs of thousands of such new age dreamers and achievers, we're promising you :

An everlasting virtual expert, as an emotional companion for your entire life time - My Genie.

With this, you'll never be alone and you'll always have a pair of ears to listen to, round the clock. From the comfort of your private space (home or office), you'll get a realistic workable action plan. With such backbone of empowerment, imagine how great your quality of life will be. Yes, all around abundance with the healthy lifestyle (devoid of addictions), beautiful relationships, successful career and financial freedom are all yours !!

Now, it's a decision time. Yes, Making decisions can be harder at times. As experts, we can help you. Hear us out: You've 2 options, either you can buy this or not to buy this.

But if you choose not to by this, heartbreaks might occur more often, you will miss great opportunities, your success will get postponed in spite of your hard work and talents, you will loose sense of yourself, your confidence will have a massive hit and your trust on the world and on your own self would have gone, navigating through the world will seem so tedious and thus you may even end up depressive.

But then, there is another choice : You can buy and leverage this MyGenie service and emerge as a Self-reliant and Successful person across all areas of life. We're here with you and our MyGenie will be with you for your whole lifetime as a great Virtual Companion on all your Ups and Downs. Abundance is your birthright and its time to claim it back !!

Experience your "MyGenie", Right NOW!

For Step-by-Step Guidance, please refer this Video.

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