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Sales Mastery, from Self Mastery

Sales Mastery, from Self Mastery

Funnel Affiliates’ COaching & HIring Program
FA-CO-HIP Program for Fastest Growth across ALL Areas of Life !
A Mass Reach Out upto 10,000 Candidates - To Recruit upto 2,500 Candidates

Dear Sales & Marketing Executives,

Greetings !

Here’s one of the rarest and special life-altering opportunity for you, towards this New Year 2022.

Yes, It’s a unique blend of Coaching and Hiring program. Though you’re all already experts in Sales & Marketing, there is not much to teach anything new such as Sales Techniques etc. to you. However, you yourself would know as you’re not performing at your best or living your overall life at your best potentials. What’s missing then?

However capable you’re, however hard working you’re, however good hearted you’re, you can not achieve all that you truly deserve - as long as the Concept of your Self (i.e. your own Inner Belief about your worth) is not expanded !

That’s where we will operate within you, on a Thought Surgery - to liberate your True Self from your False Mind :)

Yes, Have you ever wondered how to take charge of your life 100% into your hands? If so, now is the TIME that has arrived and here is the way with our flagship life transformation program series, Designing our Destiny (DoD) that is primarily spread across 3 Levels as:

● Levels-1.1 to 1.4 : Emotional Vaccination Suite (28 Hrs of Super Value Course - 10 Hrs of Video + 18 Hrs of LIVE Review) @ ₹ 11,999
● Level-2.1 : Personalized Recommendation of Pre-Requisites for DoD (1-2Hrs of Daily Routine for Holistic Health) ranging from FREE Basic Pack @ ₹ 0 to Best Pack @ ₹ 4,999
● Level-2.2 : The 21 Days DoD Blueprint (1.5 Hrs/day for Daily Homework + 1-2 Hrs/day for Project) @ ₹ 4,999
● Level-3.0 : DD-DoD - An Initiation into Dating the Divine & Designing our Destiny ! (5 Hrs LIVE) @ ₹ 5,999

*-In this first phase, DoD Program is offered in Tamil and it will be released in other regional languages also shortly. Prices are Excluding GST.

These programs can be registered from :

Though there are additional 2 levels as Level-4 and Level-5, they’re not open for everyone at this point and can be attended only by selection or only by invite, from the participants who’ve mastered the practicing of basic 3 levels.

For a superfast shift in your life with super savings, you can directly invest on this Quick Transformation Package : @ ₹ 21,999 + GST.

As its a Coaching - come - Hiring Program, we offer an Unbelievable 95% Discount to Invest only 5% of the actual sale price to general customers, i.e. @ ₹ 1,199 + GST by applying this Discount Code during the Checkout process : SMSM

Note: This program is a unique fusion of Practical, Psychological & Spiritual Solutions for Holistic Wellbeing across all areas of life !

It is designed in such a way that the candidates will get back their investments fully during this coaching series itself, as the Socially Impacting Project that you will be given in the Level - 2.2 to apply and master all the learnings of prior levels will be:

Offering this Quick Transformation Pack (QTP) to 21 most important people in your life, within 21 days

So that, you will:

  • Have your immediate environment of Family, Friends, Colleagues & even Clients also in the same uplifted vibration of yours. As the Environment is more powerful than individual, by enrolling those key people of your life also into this Transformational Wisdom of DoD, you all will Uplift each other and grow together, instead of pulling each other down as that may happen often otherwise.
  • Since Selling by itself is a challenging process that will test one’s self identity, ego and also uncover the subconscious limitations of hesitation, fear, anger etc., it’ll be A great opportunity to apply and master all that you’ve learnt in Levels - 1.1 to 1.4. Results are secondary; the experience of breaking your comfort zone by also empowering you in that process is our primary focus. Hence, even if you achieve only 15% of the goal, i.e. if you’ve sold our DoD-QTP program to only one person/week (3 registrations) instead of achieving the actual goal of selling to one person/day (21 registrations), you’ll still become eligible for the next Level 3.0.
  • This program is invaluable and priceless, as you can’t put a specific value to this wisdom that will save at least 5-10 years of your life time and will save your life itself at times. Since we operate as Social Business to consistently take it to billions of people around the globe, without relying on Donors as a NGO, we charged nominally at the least possible price of ₹ 21,999 + GST. Still, as it may look higher for some of you until you experientially realize the benefits of it on 3-6 months of consistent practice, we’ve decided to incentivize you with ₹ 1,000 per sale, so that you’ll also Earn back 100% of your investment to us, by achieving just half of the targeted registrations (i.e. 10 out of 21 registrations).
However, as the program name says, from the business point of view, ALL of you will automatically become our Funnel Affiliates for our Sales Funnel of Levels 1 to 3 and thus will be eligible for 10% of Revenue Share (i.e. ₹ 2,200 per QTP registration) - but only after the successful completion of curriculum till Level 3.3.
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