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Venture Buddha - Guidelines for our Authentic Affiliate Partners (AAP)

Venture Buddha - Guidelines for our Authentic Affiliate Partners (AAP)

A Warm Welcome to ALL of you, Authentic Affiliate Partners who are the front-face of our Coaching Solutions - not only in the beginning of a typical client engagement but also until the successful delivery of our solutions,

1) By authentically Having experienced our Solutions by yourself

2) By continuing to be the Customer Success Representatives, until the successful closure of the client engagements that were brought to us by you - unlike many other businesses where a typical affiliate is treated only as a lead generation mechanism.

Yes, mainly by respecting this Responsibility & Solvability of you Authentic Affiliate Partners (AAP), we're more than happy to give you the Highest possible Affiliate Earnings of 30%, that is above the Industry Average on these 3 milestones :

1) On Start of the Client Engagement - 10%
2) Exactly in the middle of the Client Engagement - 10%
3) On Successful Closure of the Client Engagement - 10%

Target Market Region :

1) Chennai
2) Tier-2 Cities across Tamilnadu
3) Tier-3 Towns across Tamilnadu
4) People across India, who can read & write Tamil
5) NRTs - Non-Resident Tamilians across the World

Customer Segment, for respective Packages :

A. For Business Educator Package [ Focus : 10% ] :

1) Aspiring To-Be Business Owners

B. For Business Kick-starter Package [ Focus : 80% ] :

2) Start-ups who're yet to generate Revenues

3) Small-Medium Companies (SMEs) who are recovering from a financial breakdown and yet to restart Revenues again

4) Start-ups / SMEs who're generating steady Revenues, but are yet to generate Profits (i.e. yet to Break-even)

C. For Business Incubator Package [ Focus : 10% ] :

5) Medium sized Companies with Team Size of 100+ employees, who had Break-even, running on Profits and aspiring to become a Billion Dollar Unicorn or a Multi-national Corporate

Marketing Channels :

1) Online Affiliate Marketing Partners, by sharing Revenues with them

2) Offline Affiliate Marketing Partners, by sharing Revenues with them

3) Part Time Marketing Team, on Sales Internships / Minimal Salary / Revenue Share / Mix
4) Digital Marketing


Standard Individual Packages :

Venture Buddha - The Spiritual Sutras for Consciously Leading A Billion Dollar Revolution !

Bulk Sale Packages :

1) For Student Entrepreneurs with Team Size of 24+ Students, please refer to :

2) For Start-Ups & MSME Businesses with Team Size of 10+ Employees, please refer to :

3) For Mid Sized Businesses with Team Size of 95+ Employees, please refer to :

Sales Tools :

To SAVE your time and effort in Sales, please make the best use of these Tools :

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