R201 - Innate Route to Intimacy & Ecstasy (IRIE), in 12 Months

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  On this xSpaz Achievers Program, We mould Committed people into Achievers in 1 year or less, by stopping them from quitting on their dreams when they are struck, through...


On this xSpaz Achievers Program, We mould Committed people into Achievers in 1 year or less, by stopping them from quitting on their dreams when they are struck, through our consistent handholding from Industry Leaders who've already achieved themselves and transformed many others into achievers!


1. This is an Advanced program and is NOT for everyone. DO NOT BUY THIS directly. If purchased mistakenly, the money will be refunded in 5 working days, excluding the GST.

2. Only after completing our Abundance 360 program, you can upgrade to this Innate Route to Intimacy & Ecstasy (IRIE).

3. As it involves huge commitment, personalized attention and exclusive deployment of resources from our end also, we will not recommend this package to everyone who is ready to pay but only to the highly committed Aspiring Achievers, after seeing their commitment in the Action for 1 month at least.

Thanks !! To get started, you can begin with the basic program for Best Pathway to Beautiful Relationships (BBR), here : hoorecon.com/bbr

 Our Introductory Offer for Innate Route to Intimacy & Ecstasy (IRIE) Program:

Special Offer                   : ₹ 2,99,999 + GST

Fixed Price!  Get 20% Group Discount for a Team of 5 members.

Consulting Time                : 2400 mins (Weekly Average of 60mins, over 40 Weeks)

Review Time                      : 2600 mins (Weekly Average of 65mins, over 40 Weeks)

Intensive Training Programs :  2 (For Relationship Mastery & For Intimacy) - From Experts who've already done that by themselves and made many others also into achievers.

Validity Period                   : 12 Months

As we're committed for 100% Results for ALL participants whom we intake, here are some Special Conditions:

1. There will be a 3-4 weeks of initial period of Self-Assessments before we actively start the program with weekly consulting and personalized action plans on a regular basis.

2. During the probation period of first 3 months, if we find out that you're not coachable or inconsistent with your commitments, then we reserve the right to abort this program for you, with the refund of 70% of initial payment excluding the GST. However, if you abort anytime during the program, there will not be any refund.

3. Once you're aborted from any of our Achievers Programs, we will not be taken in again at least for the next 6 months of your suspension period.

4. The Consulting-minutes given as part of this particular package is primarily for our regular, goal-oriented, weekly consultations that happens with specially assigned experts exclusively for your specific goal. Meanwhile, for getting immediate solutions for any other minor problems during this course, you're advised to buy consulting minutes separately on-need basis to speak to any other experts of your choice. There will be a Special 33% discount across all 3 consulting packages throughout the duration of this main Goal-specific coaching program.

5. We will enter into an explicit Legal agreement with clearly defined mutual responsibilities before formally starting the coaching in 3-4 weeks after the initial registration.

 There is a war with your negative self, and we are with you on this war!

Congratulations on your stern decision to become an achiever of Beautiful Relationships.

We understand how desperate you are to achieve your goals that you set for yourself. But this goal setting and then the set goal not being achieved, has become a redundant issue now. Just because people were not able to fulfill their past goals, they take an unfortunate decision of not having a goal at all. That is a great problem, because at the bottom of the heart we know that if we don’t have a destination, our travels are futile. Most people live with the heavy heart of not able to achieve the goals they have and we understand the frustration caused by it.

Goals can be broadly classified into four categories. The area we want to achieve can be listed as Relationships, Career, Finance and Health. All our goals can be fitted into these 4 categories. Goals are not achieved every single time because an achievement has 3 parts:

1. Clearly defined Goals
2. Strategy and Deployment of Action items
3. Consistency in following the Action Items

We all have an assumption that we have clear goals. There is a serious issue if you are not able to achieve the goal. There might be some monetary and tangible losses if you are not achieving your goal, but the issue does not stop there. It goes much deeper. The loss of self –esteem and commencement of dis-belief starts to happen. This plays a huge impact on all your endeavors. This low self-esteem and dis-belief creates limitations and these limitations impacts us further in constructing our future reality also.


Your responsibility is to set one goal for your SELF. Register to this yearlong Coaching for Beautiful Relationships as part of xSpaz - Achievers Program and avail regular coaching from industry leaders. Our platform has a variety of industry leaders with proven track records. They will help and guide you to achieve your goals step by step. If you show 100% commitment in attaining your goals, we are here for hand holding to make you an excellent achiever.


Appreciating your commitment on Self-Development, we welcome you to join us on this privileged journey to serve you, with this GOAL-SPECIFIC Achiever's Program.

Welcome to the World of Success and Celebrations!

~Customer Success Team, xSpaz Achievers Program

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