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SELL your eServices on our xSpaz marketplace, as a Solution Partner!

SELL your eServices on our xSpaz marketplace, as a Solution Partner!

How to leverage the bandwidth of your Underutilized Resources & Create multiple REVENUE STREAMS for your eConsulting / eCounseling services?

Yes. If you're offering any intellectual services like Personal Counseling or Business Consulting that can be offered to remote consumers over phone, you can attach your underutilized staffs having different skill-sets to our SUR-WAY (Sell Underutilized Resource-bandwidth in a win-win WAY) program!

The necessary basic training and backend support will be ensured by our SUR-WAY Support team throughout your subscription period.

You can refer the LIVE implementation for one of our major client in B2B2C White-Labeling - on Personal Counseling space, Alpha Mind Power, Chennai

Here are the simple steps to get your intellectual services also listed on our platform for Optimal Resource Utilization & Profit Maximization:

  1. Identify the list of services that you offer. Say, 10 services.
  2. Short-list the services that are purely intellectual in nature. Say, there are 7 services out of 10.
  3. Further short-list the services that can be offered over phone to the remote consumers. Say, there are 5 such services out of 7.
  4. Identify the services for which you've excessive human resources but without much service orders within the organization to engage them. Say, there are 3 such services out of 5.
  5. If you've atleast 5+ human resources that are underutilized across one or more of these intellectual services that can be offered to remote users over phone, then you can connect such resources to our centralized marketplace for Wellness Solutions, xSpaz - an extended space for expressions.
Once you've identified the eService areas where you need to optimize resource utilization, you can straightaway join our social venture's rapidly growing network of *SUR-WAY* (Sell Underutilized Resource-bandwidth in a win-win WAY) and multiply your REVENUE CHANNELS by purchasing anyone of our subscriptions.

A Case Study on decent ADDITIONAL REVENUES:

  • Average of eServices for which you get listed on our xSpaz Marketplace = 3
  • Assuming,
    • first service is HOT in demand with 1000 calls/month
    • second service is WARM in demand with 400 calls/month
    • third service is COLD in demand with 200 calls/month
  • Lets say, your team is serving only 10% of the total demand for the identified eServices, whenever they have underutilized bandwidth.
  • For the average earnings of Rs. 500 per standard eConsulting session of 20mins, your annual earnings will be:   
  • 10% of (1000+400+200 calls/month) ==> 160 calls/months x ₹500 of earnings/call x 12 months (as per your subscription period) => ₹ 9,60,000
  • If you've subscribed to our
    • Half-yearly SUR-WAY pack 19999,   the average earnings will be ₹ 4,80,000
    • Yearly SUR-WAY pack @ 24999,       the average earnings will be ₹ 9,60,000
For any clarifications, please send your queries to  with your phone number so that we shall revert back by mail or WhatsApp call at the earliest. Alternatively, you can call to our General Customer Care +91-44-39575050 and press 7 for SUR-WAY Solution Partners (through it'll primarily ask for options 1 or 2 for End Users and Experts respectively).

We hope, you got clarified and have taken the right decision to extend your intellectual services to our xSpaz marketplace as well. To join our pan India SUR-WAY network, purchase our SUR-WAY Solution Partner packages ONLINE here:
Additionally, if you're having any high-traffic Websites, Blogs and Social Media pages, please feel free to join our SOON Affiliate Network of Online Outlets and earn decent PASSIVE income every month.

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